Spread and Spatialising Modules

Any suggestions for modules that offer spread and spatializing? Preferably stereo in. My mix is sounding particularly centred. Drum channels are suitably panned. Would now like to open up the synths channels.

This one would do it I think; there may be more.

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the master recorder contains a stereo widener
but I guess many modules contains the same widener

You are aware of this, right? For polyphonic signals?



Alright Devices Chronoblob2 and this preset… Wideneriserer.vcvm (683 Bytes) :slight_smile:

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Hi. Thanks for all the replies.

Are the mindmeld modules for just low-end stuff?

The cutoff between the bands is max 500Hz

Thanks. I’ll give it a whirl.

The Chronoblob2 with the mentioned preset worked a treat. Was just the opening up I was looking for.

Nice one!


There’s also VCV’s Mid/Side


Ooo. Looks promising. Can’t believe I didn’t see this. Thanks!

I assume you are suggesting pulling down the mid and/or boosting the sides? I wonder if compressing the sides would do anything good?

I tried some of the suggestions here, even though they’re for another product

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Some amazing patching ideas for mid/side processing:


A compressor that can compress mid/side independently? Yes, we have that :slight_smile:


Ah, perfect. I’ll bet it can also be an expander, too?

? That would be weird

You mean it’s weird that anyone would ever use an expander? I guess, but plenty of vintage compressors could also expand (like the old Eventide Omnipressor).

Ah, I thought you were referring to VCV’s use of the term expander. No, this one does not do expansion. The megalomanic multiband compressor does

Ah, yes, I didn’t think of that. Cool.