Split polyphony by pitch

I have harmony midi sequence, splitting the signal, but, each split is a combination of low and high notes

How can can assign from note x to note y to z channel?


I’m not sure I understand, but Impromptu Part splits poly signals by pitch. I assume by “harmony midi sequence” you mean you have some module that is outputting a poly signal? I only ask because I make a module called Harmony, but I don’t think that’s what you are asking about.

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Yes, specifically, I’m importing midi from Ableton.

Ok, cool. Does Impromptu Part do what you need?

Not really, I still get a mix of frequencies. Would like to divide (at least) by octaves. Here’s the patch: MIDI split experiment.vcv (3.3 KB)

Hi, you are using it wrong here is a screenshot and a patch to help you along

MIDI split experiment Highlo.vcv (2.8 KB)

In this case everything below F4 goes nowhere, everything between f4 and f5 goes to the first LFO and everything above f5 goes to the second LFO.

And here is a polyphonic version

MIDI split experiment Highlo Poly.vcv (14.2 KB)


Thanks a lot, that helped. Anyhow, I’m still having a lots of notes missing. Here’s the file: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Its an Ableton File since I’m trying to do this while sending midi from Ableton

Thanks again.

I just did a double take because I was watching a video on the Double Slit experiment :grin:

This is an als file I don’t have Ableton Live so I cant help you. Could it be that your midi-notes overlap so they don’t trigger the gate?

Yes I think that’s it. How can I make every note open a gate?

Make sure they don’t overlap . Are you using a mono signal or polyphony ?


Then it should not matter as every new note should open a new gate on a new channel.

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Ok, I guess I need to open new channels till Im missing none. Thanks

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