Source - Rhizome (new album)

I am very happy to share this here.

After taking some time away from actual composition (too much work, starting hardware modular…), I finally arrived at the final stage for this one. It had been quite some time since I last had the impression of actually doing something and not just noodling and editing the “less boring part of something meh”…

I felt absolutely in awe and at the same time completely stuck in front of the modular for a few months, and it started to get better when I took some time away from it and decided to read a few inspiring classics (for me) : La méthode (vol 1,2,3 only…) (E. Morin), The embodied mind (F. Varela), and some Deleuze, hence the title.

This album is a sonic exploration of slow evolution through repetition and mutation, a walk at the limit of conscious and unconscious change, with constant movement between the stability of a system and its adaptation to perturbations.

This was the main inspiration, present at every step of the work for each composition : building the sounds that would make the system, choose for them a way to evolve, setting start and end points for their life trajectories, choose a way to disturb them, and through improvisation feel a moving and emotionally connected way to let them evolve, stabilize and/or die away.

Then, through rehearsal, recording and editing, a particular attention has been put on finding a way to articulate all those compositions into a longer form that follows the same path as each bricks it’s made of.

Sounds and compositions were done with a modular synthesizer, some in VCV, some on hardware.

I hope you enjoy some of it, and anyway thanks for taking the time to read this, to listen to some of it… I would be absolutely more than happy to discuss anything regarding this.


Fantastic, again!

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Well thank you again, it is very kind of you!

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This is awesome.

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Thank you very much !