Soundcraft Signature MTK mixers and VCV Rack

Has anyone been succesfull to use this series mixers with VCV Rack?

Since these mixers have ability to run 12 or 22 channels in and out with usb. One could run separate tracks of VCV Rack outputs to the mixer and use outboard effects/eq for processing and analog summing and then run Master back to VCV Rack for recording.

I was considering purchasing 12 MTK since it has 12 channels in and out. And since VCV rack standard audio module support only 8in/8out. I still would have couple extra channels left for running AUX effects back to mixer.

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I’m also looking at an external mixer solution, but I’m not familiar with this specific one. Anyway, I just wanted to say that there is another audio module from rcm, and it has 16 in\outs so you’ll have more channels.
Here is the link -

On paper Signature MTK mixers look like a optimal solution for budget price range. I am sure there are more expensive options also, but 12 MTK for $399/€350 is quite hard to beat if you want to have analog mixer with 12in/12out usb.

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I have an MTK12, I like the sound quality, price point etc. I’m going to speculate that running VCV Rack and using the Soundcraft usb recording feature might overload your computer, or at least cause drop-outs. If I can set it up quickly I’ll give it a try.

You can use whatever outboard gear that works with other DAW’s as well.
For more then 8 channels you can use the RCM SB Audio-16 module.

Allen & Heat ZedR16 16 out from VCV:

I am mainly interested in only recording master stereo L/R. From what I understand if you are going to multichannel record invidual channels on signature mtk series, you only get channel without eq or fx.

Up to 12 channels of outputs is what mainly interests me and you could use 1 channel as a clock to outboard gear, routing that channel to Group 1-2.

How do you like onboard fx on your MTK 12?

Haven’t tried this kind of ITB/OTB routing yet. The MTK12/22 have a 2 stage methodology 1. record 2. monitor & mix down your recording. EFX on the MTK12 sound good, mainly delays and reverbs, it has aux channels for external effects too. You don’t get a full 12 channels when in mixdown mode, if you’re worried about channels get the 22. Or wait for the next digital hybrid mixer to come out. I was looking at AllenHeath FX series for multichannel recording too.


I have a Soundcraft Signature 12 MT (multitrack) model. It’s pretty good. It gives you twelve individual tracks and there is a mixdown track (which usually shows up as tracks 13-14) which is routed out using the USB return channel. As the poster above stated, you cannot apply eq and panning via the individual channels during tracking. You can only set gain levels using the associated potentiometer at the top of the channel strip. However, you can apply panning and eq to your Master (2 channel) track and you can do this in one of two ways either live (recording via channel 13/14) or after piping the recorded tracks to their individual channels via their strips’ USB return buttons (and again recording the result of this via ch 13/14). Fiddly to say the least. That said, I do like this device and don’t plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. Its sound quality is decent and it’s nice to have the ability to route multiple sources in a “live mix” fashion to one’s DAW of choice. I would also to hasten to mention that the onboard effects are pretty weak. I never use them. I usually go with ITB stuff like Soundtoys plug-ins instead.