Sound design - Hunt for a proper scream

The more modules I own, the less excuse I have not to make the music I like. But there are some things missing clearly… Not to get too personal, I’d like to ask a technical question.

One of the sounds I’m chasing for a long time is a proper scream.

Could you please explain what is conceptually needed? Is it basically a human (sample) with some wavefolding and chrushing? Maybe a bit of mental instability…? Is that all?

Any ideas, examples, and experiments are welcome!

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Maybe a search here:

Then add a ton of fx to your likings


I think it all comes down to the quality of the sample you plan on using. You can’t polish a turd. Unless you plan on mangling it beyond recognition.

Or download a sample of any animal sound, like a duck quack for example. Load it up in Audacity and paulstreach the hell out of it. This will put any death metal vocalist to shame.


I learned to VCV scream from Vult Leonardo! Here is my scream…


Excellent! I need some time to figure out what I see. (And replace commercial modules like Vorg with something similar.)

Very nice! It is the way I’m looking for.

Thank you! Here is where Leonardo posted the video and the explanation of how it works on facebook. Vorg was specifically used. I don’t know if another filter will work. Um, ok I dunno how to link to facebook… Maybe try searching the VCV Rack facebook group for “ms-20 cool scream” will bring it up for you.

There is only one scream.


The movie “blow out” centers around a scream.

One of the more memorable screams in a rock video. The comment section below the video gives some hints on how to perform that yourself.


This has been doing the rounds recently, but why not sample one of the original scream queens?

If I were a guitarist, I’d use a fixed wah position into some heavy distortion, and I’d use a volume control manipulation to soften the attack. If I’ve understood veryfungi’s patch, he’s basically doing this with a simulated guitar.

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