Sound Design Help?! Synthesizing a Celesta

One of my all-time favorite tracks is Amadeo Tommasi’s Protozoi, and recently I have been attempting to cover old tunes in VCV. I would love to try to synthesize the sound of the celeste in order to do a simple cover of this beautiful piece.

The celesta is a piano-like instrument with hammers hitting metal bars that are suspended above wooden resonator bars. the sound then reverberated inside of the wooden piano case-like structure. the video above gets bonus points for 70s grit and distortion in the recording. if there are any ideas on that those are welcomed too.

Happy patching!

plaits_e-piano1.vcvm (722 Bytes) plaits_e-piano2.vcvm (722 Bytes)

I have these two presets for Plaits that sound a bit similar to that. You can get the distortion with something like Vacuumba, and the surface noise with Crackle and/or Dust from Hetrick.

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Hello existentia and 123keaton, Don’t want to hijack this post! I have downloaded the presets for Plaits and used Palette as well with the presets. Used Palette with Grande’s Microtonal notes and got a nice growly bass organ and a squeaky Celesta. Would you both care to hear what I have produced? If so I will upload to Soundcloud and Patchstorage. Thanks for listening.

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yes please!

OK, give my a bit of time to upload to Soundcloud and Patchstorage, be very interested in what you think! I believe I played too many high tones on the Celesta section myself.

Celesta, Celestial Hell | Patchstorage

Celesta celestial hell by Adrian Bottomley | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Instrument: Celeste - YouTube


I’m gonna stream in a few minutes. jaynothin - Twitch

I made a patch where I’m trying to reproduce the sound I hear in the video.

Dunno if I’ll make it, but I’m sure it’ll be close enough, if not it should at least be fun.

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Building Celeste patchV2.vcv (58.6 KB)

I’m leaving the patch here for anyone to use it. Hope you like it and have fun with it. :smiley:


quite nice!!!


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