Sort MIDI polyphonic cables by pitch?

Similar questions have suggested NYSTHI’s MultiVoltimetro and Count Modula’s PMM, but I can’t see how to use these for what I’m trying to do.

Specifically, I want to take the V/Oct, GATE and VEL outputs from MIDI-CV, and sort each based on the pitch info in the V/Oct cable (i.e, V/Oct gets sorted with the lowest pitch at channel 0, highest pitch at channel N, and the corresponding signals on the VEL and GATE get shuffled around to follow where ever their corresponding pitch ended up).

(the immediate goal is to track each note in a played chord with a different osc signal path.)

I’ve not worked out in my head how I’d handle a gate moving from channel to channel. If a note starts on, say channel 0 but then a lower note is played, in a naive implementation the end of the gate started on channel 0 might be delivered on channel 1 - and the osc chain listening to the pitch/gate/vel on channel 0 will never see it.

This seems like it might be something others have wanted and possibly solved. Any suggestions on how to tackle this?

Actually, it looks like Aria’s Splort module’s LINK feature might have done what I need. I miss her modules :(. Has anyone made anything similar?

There is this :

Chances are you’re probably on a mac M2 so this post was totally useless for you :wink:

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You are a mind reader. Yes, I’m on an M2. Though I’m not sure I feel comfortable using her modules on v2. If noone can suggest an alternative, though, I may spin up my own Splort-like module and see how far it can get me…

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FWIW, I’ve implemented a pair of Split and Merge modules based on Aria’s original design. If you are interested in helping to test, see the announcement: