Something like the Torso S4

Hey folks, recently saw that Torso just released the S4:

“The S-4 is a sculpting sampler designed to capture and transform sounds. Merging tape-era workflows with cutting-edge technology, the S-4 redefines sound mangling by providing a futuristic platform for crafting unique soundscapes and compositions, using samples and real-time audio processing.”

I must say it is very sexy, but a bit pricey. I was wondering does any one know if a eurorack (vcv or hardware) module that would compete with this?

In VCV it would be several modules just like the Torso has several sections.

My picks to start: Sickozcell 5 Chan looper

Spork granular processor x5

Prince of perception delay looper

Surge XT VCF multimode filter x5

Surge XT Distortion x5

Valley Plateau reverb

MindMeld MixMaster and AuxMaster for effects send return

Thanks for your feedback, I will definitely try to build my own. I would also add to this stoermelder Macro to create higher level controls.

Hello there, did you get chance to try building a Rack version of the Torso S4. I put a load of modules together using the modules suggested by Cubistguitar. But I need away to mute some of the voices, it was a bit noisy. I put some Cyberpunk samples into Nysthi Quadsimpler.

Here’s the patch:

My Drive - Google Drive

i did not find the patch in the link ?

Sorry about that . I’ve have to authorise the download Google says so. I have you an email we can work with?