Something like Confusing Simpler that doesn't click?

Maybe @synthi has an idea. I’m using Nysthi Confusing Simplers as buffer recorders. Recording gets turned off and on by slow clock pulses, and left to free run, so you have some semi-chaotic repeats of past note information.

All well and good but the transition playback->record and record->playback always comes with a click, even with ANTI-CLICK turned all the way up.

I’m not asking for record & playback to crossfade in and out (though that would be cool!) but it would be cool if those transitions were de-clicked.

So the question is: Is there a way to do this kind of live sampling and playback without clicks already? Or is this a feature request?

Second question: Is it just me or is this user interface/labeling confusing? It says ‘In R’ right over the record toggle input:


2019-12-16.vcv (58.9 KB)

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The clicking sounds like bug surely?

Now you’ve highlighted it the labelling is definitely weird. There’s obviously serious space issues but having them aligned to left/right would be an improvement.

It’s in the skin and adjustable but I think the default should be changed.

Damn, just noticed that speed value colour.

Well not a bug so much as a limitation. If you have a sampling units with inputs like that, then the transition between recording and playback is going to be a challenge. It seems like Confusing Simpler does it instantaneously, so there’s a discontinuity going both directions: When you start recording, it silences the playback and starts filling the buffer. When you finish recording, it turns on the sample playback, and both are abrupt.

The only bulletproof way to go click-free (as near as I can figure) is to double buffer – the recording goes into one sample buffer, and playback comes from a second buffer. At the transition points you can crossfade: when you go playback->record you fade down the playback buffer and fade up the live input. On the other side, when you go record->playback, you fade down the live input and fade up the recorded buffer.

And at each transition you swap the buffers, playback becomes record and vice versa.

if the In L and In R jacks were the same size as the Rec toggle, the labels could center over the jackcs.

I feel like a sampler with an input function should be able to do this smoothly so I would call it a bug. I suppose that could be detrimental though, depending on what you are sampling, if a fade in is default.

That would look pretty weird though, they are standard jack size.

a) it’s confusing everywhere ! :smiley: (and there is no more space)

b) I moved a little bit the labels like the black version from @TroubledMind (will be available in 1 0 9)

c) the anticlick works only on play of the selection, when are in loop (example the play of the slices)

d) SIMPLICITER is a superSET of CONFUSING SIMPLER (added only the peak detectors and peak slicing)

e) I need to think about the instantaneous switch between REC and PLAY phases: yes they are in separated buffers


added a smoother when a new recording is going to substitute the inner play buffer


Sei il migliore, @synthi !


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I like to chase buggy bugs!

the change is for the Simpliciter AND the confusing simpler


It’s better but I’d love something like a second long crossfade.

A patch that demonstrates the thing I’m trying to do. ConfusingDrone.vcv (54.8 KB)

interesting, 1 secs (currently is 20 msecs… )

It’s the kind of thing that there should be a way to have a more graceful crossfade.

going to simulate 1 secs: I’m worried about cpu

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adding a variable XFADE time using menu: from 0 to max 2 secs