Some random noodlings in Adobe Photoshop

Hi All,

I felt inspired today to sketch some ideas in Photoshop. Thought it would be nice to design some graphics for imaginairy modules. The idea was to create some panels, one could place next to eachother in any random order and the graphics would still look continuous. Second idea was to make slim/thin panels more recognisable from a distance. I know it looks a bit busy but hey: It’s just some noodlings.


you can get some blank panels and replace the graphics in the res folder by your own

also you can use hora geco to make your own blank plugin


Even better (because an update will overwrite the replacement):


I would love to do something based on LCARS but it’s copyright … and all those cables would look messy.


Fwiw, for real use in a panel svg is the “native” format for VCV modules. Don’t know how good PS svg support is, but Illustrator is a more natural choice, again for a “real” panel.

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Thx! Very useful info!

Thank you

Yes I agree… vector based n all… When i have some more time… Thx @Squinky

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