Some issues with reporting issues (and more)

Greetings !

I build VCV Rack from the v2 source repo on github. Are bug reports welcome and/or useful from local builds ?

Is there a list of reported issues ? I’d rather not clutter the TODO box if other users have already reported my issues.

If I change the background colors of the Fundamental modules and post a video in which those modules are displayed, is that a license or copyright violation ?

Is it also a license/copyright violation to offer locally-built binaries to other Rack users, particularly if I’m not the owner of the repo ? The typical case is when a plugin hasn’t reached the library but can be built and run locally. So, if I build a plugin on Linux and another Linux user wants to try it but doesn’t know how to compile it, am I in some legal boil if I offer to give my dist build to the other user ?

TIA for any assistance, thanks also to the entire team. V2 is simply wonderful.

Best regards,

Dave Phillips