SOMA patches thread

Hi! Here is a thread in case you want to discuss my ever growing list of hardware clones, effects and generative patches.

My latest one being the 0ctrl recreation in clock and LFO versions.

If you have any suggestions I would love to read them! cheers :slight_smile:


Almost forgot to upload it here! This is my mininoog using only bog audio modules. Amazing synth, amazing brand! I’m quite happy with the result. What do you think?

You can download the patch here


This is good. Bogaudio modules are amazing. But their filter may be their weakest module. It’s the most “un-moog” filter I think I have heard!

Sadly, yes! I think either lateralus by vult or filtah by mockba would be a perfect replacement

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Ppl say Lindenberg Alma is the moogiest. My “stairway” is pretty cool. Much more versatile but not as moogy.

That, or Squinky’s Stairway, is what I use for a filter to get moog-like sounds. Waiting for the Lindenberg release to use that again :slight_smile:

I also use plenty of BogAudio in my moog-ish patches (mostly Berlin school style)

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Oh, and I usually add in BogAudio Pulse, or use VCO instead of LVCO, to get full control of the pulse width

I haven’t tried lindenberg filter, I’ll check it out. Your modules are AMAZING, stairway was the first filter that I tried (in vcv rack) and comp is in all my songs! Now that I think about it, it would be a fun challenge to create something using only squinky labs modules

That’s a great suggestion, thanks!

On the topic of filters I guess I could replace vcf with stairway, I’m sure nobody would mind a "made using only bog audio modules *

*and the amazing stairway"

Yup. Alma is the moogiest I’ve come across. But I haven’t had time to check all filter types on the new surge XT module. There are definitely a few options that could sound moog-like.

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I don’t think it will reflect badly on Bogaudio. And the manual for that filter does say that it is very accurate and without character.

Surge modules are incredible I had some projects laying around and I just had to “upgrade them” with surge, I loved their wavetable vco

I guess for version 1.1 I could add a note. The challenge was to create something using only bog audio modules, but a tiny change could bring so much improvement to the sound!

New version! In the end I used stairway by squinkylabs. My pc is not fully functional yet, but I managed to record something. What do you thing? I think it sounds way better!


Now you just need the new Mindmeld Patchmaster :rofl:

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I think it sounds good :wink: