(Solved)Newfound Issues With MIDI Modules?

I’ve noticed since we upgraded to Rack 2.0 that I have a strange time with recognizing MIDI Controllers. Is this widespread or just me? On the default patch, the computer keyboard works just fine, but when I change over to Windows MIDI and try to use my Alesis VI25 controller, nothing comes through until I reset the power on the back of the controller and then reselect it in the MIDI-CV Module in which case it works, however, I cannot replicate this anywhere but the default patch so I can’t use any complex midi mapping or key playing etc. outside the computer keyboard.

As well as this I tried booting up old patches in Rack 1 that require modules not yet updated, but I’ve notice that any introduction of MIDI modules in Rack 1 causes a crash.

I’ve seemed to have solved the issue doing as stated above what I did to get the MIDI working on the Default patch, cleared the patch except for midi and audio modules, and saved that as a new patch, closed Rack 2, opened again to my new patch, opened another patch and the midi controller was recognized on both.