Solved: How to use Digitakt as Masterclock for VCV?

I know this topic has already been discussed quite a few times but after trying everything I’ve read here or on other forums and watching every youtube video my only hope is to post here and ask you for help.

So I recently got into the virtual modular world with an idea in mind, sequencing midi from the digitakt to vcv rack. Idealy with the digitakt as master clock and reset. But how ?

I’ve been experimenting with multiple ways to incorporate de DT in VCV like :

-using the Host module to use overbridge in vcv

-utilizing different midi-cv modules

-also using ableton as intermediate with the VCV vst bridge

None of those techniques works so I guess I am the problem in the equation.

Do you have a similar set-up ? would you share your process to have it all synced and ready to run ? Any advice will be welcome as I am quite desperate but not ready to give up yet. Here is a photo of the modules I have ready but I am not sure how to patch them together and how to implement different modules ( voices, fx, etc ) How would you wire it up ?


I use them together sometimes. For me it’s pretty easy to set up. I plug the DT in to USB, set clock send and transport send to on in the DT, then use something like this:

I set the midi device to 24 ppqn in the Clock/n settings, and in clocked use the mode + button to change that to 24 ppqn.

The clock fluctuates a little but it’s good enough for most things for me.

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Seems that I have no output from the MIDI-CV module (little green light not on).

Is the DT set to send clock?

Yes it is. I should mention my main problem is now solved since I changed the output to usb in the DT ports config

Ah yeah I forgot about that setting. If it’s working have fun! I haven’t found a way yet to start/stop properly as the DT seems to send clock even when it’s not running but you can use one of the bottom ports on the midi module to reset the clock.

Midi clock itself is supposed to run even when stopped. Doesn’t mean any particular vcv module needs to, of course.

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Parallel discussion here and on reddit :wink: This is my setup to clock/start/stop/reset with my digitone:


Strangely enough, there are a few devices out there, that do not send clock when stopped… MPC One for example, but maybe I am missing a setting.

That’s clever!

The midi spec has said for decades that clock should be sent all the time. Maybe it’s a special setting.

How was stopping and starting dealt with then? Did most stuff have transport support?

Clock, start, stop, and continue were all supported all the time, Sometime various forms of seeking were implemented. The clock runs all the time so that receivers can multiply it up to something “usable”, like 96ppq. Receiver tracks the state of start, stop etc so it knows which clocks to “ignore”.that’s how every single drum machine and sequencer worked.

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In Rack v1 it’s only really stable with Rack as master clock:

But Andrew has said this will be fixed in v2 so you can use external MIDI as master too with good results. I guess I should test it now the beta is out…

Yeah, I couldn’t get good results with the beta, unfortunately. I used the KSP and BSP, but in both cases, the clock drifts quite a bit. I would be interested to know how it works for you if you get the chance to test it.

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If I send a standard sync out (full pulses) from my Keystep 37 to Rack and use the Clk/N out at quarter notes the catronomix Clock locks in to the keystep tempo almost perfectly. No luck with Impromptu Clocked yet but still in testing phase. Same setup didn’t work for @Omri_Cohen though, so mileage may vary.

Even without Clocked, just by using the clock output of the Midi module, the clock is not so stable. I should run more tests though.

correct, but the catronimix clock seems to lock into it, even though it jitters by around 3bpm over 180bpm clock being sent to VCV. So at least that way it seems to work, but yes, many more hours of testing things are in order, we shall find a way :wink:


Hey any updates on this? Would love an update…also for some reason VCV stops sequencing after about a minute.

Could you maybe show a screenshot?