Solina String Ensemble

I am trying to create a Solina String Ensemble. I have sent an oscilator through 3 delays with different movement rates. This is done by 3 lfo’s. The basic sound is there, but…

Solina String Ensemble.vcv (3.5 KB)

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Had fun playing with you patch, thanks for sharing. I wanted to see if I could make improvements.

Here’s a mod, inspired by the Jürgen Haible 3-phase chorus (inspired by the solina) described here: JH. Triple Chorus

MOLINA_3PHASE.vcv (4.7 KB)


you can use directly my sterochorus/vibrato too (contains 3 delay out of phase of 120º)


Haha - I had two reactions to the original reply.

  1. String synth is all about the chorus.

  2. Doesn’t @synthi already have a tri chorus?


What I noticed is that your patch, that the audio level of most of these parameters are very important. I also did a lot of tweaking to get the sound right for my ears. In any case, you have improved everything with your “Jürgen Haible 3-phase chorus”. A very interesting article by the way. And then of course NISTHY’s LFOMULTIPHASE2 comes into question. Many thanks Jens. I was pleased. BTW…Thanks for a tip. I have never used CV-Stoermelder and I can see that it is very cool.

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The surge ensemble chorus has a set of clocked bbd which were based very closely on the analog choruses in those 70s string synths. As a result it’s pretty noisy but can make that sound!

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ooh, that’s cool. Does it have same number / size of delays as the different models or early Roland keys? Those things sounded so great! Oh - also - did you emulate the serious LPF that most of those things had?

The lfo topology is based on the Solina iirc but yea it has the same pre and post bbd filters in bbd mode. Also allows some customizations like bbd clock rate and bbd line length modification

Written by jatin. Sounds good if you dial it in. We also have a fix for stereo field coming soon which MIs matches a clock and side just fyi

The Rolands are quite varied and some are pretty sophisticated: roland_ensembleFX_choruses

Ooh thanks

The other thing I think of with the solina is that the oscillators were 12 generators then octave dividers for the keyboard which gave it both a particular waveform (analog flip flops) and phase locks. I don’t know of a module that does that either. But I’ve pondered writing one as a surge oscillator or short circuit voice effect in more than one occasion….


yeah, “top octave generator”, that was a big thing back then. Many keyboards used them. I made an organ from one + a toy organ + tinfoil a long time ago. Anyway, you ear would need to be super sensitive to tuning to hear the difference I think. The first time I made a virtual Hammond I used the gear ratios from a real one, but I couldn’t hear the difference, so I left out of “Organ III”

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Once you layer in that analog chorus the phase effects will be destroyed yeah I agree

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haha - the formula for every good sounding cheap keyboard in the 70’s and 80’s: bad sound + good chorus = good sound.


Luckily nowadays we have big ambient reverbs rather than cheap analog choruses. Chuckle.