Smooth interpolation module in VCV?

If you do web programming or create generative visual with touchdesigner or p5js, maybe you will know about ‘Smooth interpolation’ on math functions.

My question, what module can do something like ‘Smooth interpolation’ in VCV? For example, I want to change some cv parameters with s&h, but need smooth bridge it than ‘jump’ value. Like value 0 to 1, if it trigger run 0>linear transition>1, not 0>1

Slew limiter.


Also, if it is specifically about S&H, you can try the module by Bogaudio, which has a setting for smoothing in the context menu.


Ok, I have try it with Befaco Slew Limiter, it works! thanks

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Oh nice, it included. I want to try it, thank you


You can use VCV Random’s Shape-slider for that.

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