Skylights: "Unofficial" Skylights Plugin working under 1.0

This just goes to show that if you can read instructions and also understand compiler error messages, you too can also port plugins from 0.6->1.0.

I took a whack at porting Skylights (since @Skrylar doesn’t want to support Skylights any more), and you can build it too!

My fork of Skrylar’s github repo is here.

I’m going to keep working on it a bit – getting rid of deprecated API warnings – but maybe a real plugin dev wouldn’t mind taking the module over for real!

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I built it yesterday before seeing your note. I added the compatibility header and nixxed the builds for WhatNote and the recorder. After those changes the plugin builds and appears to run okay. I won’t be going further with it though. As you said, it needs a real dev.

By all means grab my fork and try it. I even fixed all the compiler warnings! And if you build for Mac or windows give me a binary because people be asking for them.


Hi Chaircrusher , as I posted on FB :
As you can see in the pic , Vactrol and Dmix are the same module, Vactrol is called Analog drift when you right click it, but this is NOT Analog drift ! So Analog drift is MISSING :frowning: at least in the Windows build.

Thanks, I’ve built and tested your repo on Fedora 23, seems to work fine so far except for the error reported by @Yeager.

I heard from @Skrylar and he apparently had already started porting to V1. I merged my changes to finish the full V1 port and pushed them back to my fork of Skylights on github.

Check out the branch chaircrusher-v1-port

I also updated the Linux binary. Won’t get to the windows binary until tonight.

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This is fixed in my latest repo checkin and the Linux binary (linked in another post) is updated.

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