SkJack development ?

A quick one: Has anyone continued development of the SkJack plugin ? I recently started using it, with very good results. Alas, the original repo is archived (read-only) and as far as I can tell there are no forks. Unless I’ve missed one ?

Original github repo:




It looks like they stopped participating after the relicensing to GPL 3 / adversarial forks stuff.

Their plugin is GPL3 or later, there is no legal obstacle to someone forking and maintaining it… but is it even in need of any maintenance?

I know I’d probably try to fix their vactrol mix module myself if it were to break, but it works just fine for now.

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My guess is you’ll have to fork it for any changes to happen. Its creator didn’t like VCV Rack’s relicense to GPLv3… which is odd to me since he licensed his plugin as GPLv3 too.

IMO someone with JACK API experience should be able to make a JACK plugin from scratch in a weekend if they want to, or alternatively use Rack’s audio API to make a better Rack JACK driver so users can use VCV Audio-* instead of a different module. I’m not sure what would be better, that’s up to the plugin developer to decide.


if I m not wrong, @Skrylar worked on the plugin after the relicense , he stop due technical issues

Works well. I hope it’ll continue to be a thing. It interfaces JACK with windows audio well. Find it works awesome without any crashes to a predetermined audio sink.