Sinking Feeling music thread

Hi, I just released a 10 track album made entirely within VCV rack. Mainly used Audible Instruments and the Lomas Advanced Sampler modules. Had a lot of fun making it, hope you enjoy the listen (it’s a free stream/download).


Thank you very much, just downloading now. So how do you go about putting your music onto Bandcamp?

You mean the uploading process or recording VCV?

To record VCV I used SoundFlower and QuickTime. Not pretty, but it works!

Sorry, I was more interested in the process of setting up a Bandcamp page for my music. The recording I do with Nysthi Multitrack recorder and after processing in Audacity.

I set it up a long time ago, pretty straightforward on their site.

something like: pick a name, use an email address, upload files.

Thanks, that sounds very easy to do, does it cost anything to maintain it? Also, do you upload MP3s, Flacs or Wavs to Bandcamp?

costs nothing to maintain, I upload wavs.

Good to know, I’ll have a look at the Bandcamp option, I have a lot of tracks/experiments in VCV on SoundCloud at present. I doubt I would sell loads on Bandcamp!

Will give this a listen at some point. I see a lot of Bandcamp links on forums/Facebook groups etc, and always wonder if people make any income from it. Seems a bit rude to ask about money, but if I ever finish enough stuff it’s something to think about. :wink:

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There are definitely some people out there who enjoy supporting artists monetarily. Personally, I just enjoy putting out music for people to listen to without concern.