Simultaneously Compile for Win, Mac, and Linux?

Is there a way to simultaneously compile for Windows, Mac, and Linux from one of those OS using the SDK or another tool?

Right now I’m popping open a spare macbook to compile for mac and running a virtual machine to compile for Linux and it’s sort of annoying. Wondering if there is a better way for cross compilation?

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The rack plugin toolchain: GitHub - VCVRack/rack-plugin-toolchain

That’s how open source plugins get build for the library.


You can install that and run it in a Linux vm. It’s great.

I used to run docker locally on linux and successfully built all three on that. But the osxcross that I was using for mac builds is not currently up to the job.

Now I use github actions - building the win and linux variants on linux VMs and the mac variant on a mac VM. Although they do provide win VMs as well