Simpliciter/general sampling quick tip (video)

I did a little video for those who aren’t familiar with this little trick, how to make perfectly smooth loops with any sound. All you need is a simple audio editor, and it’ll work in all Rack samplers. In fact, every sampler in history that I can think of. :slight_smile:


Great tip - thanks!


Great tip Espen! So obvious when you think about it. It might not be ALL types of loops that will sound great with that middle crossfade, but at least for dron’y type loops it should work well all the time.

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Yeah, it’ll be pretty terrible for drums. :laughing:


ha, cleaver!

if you think , is exactly the same way that some 3d software make tillable textures, will be nice have a module to do this in the fly like the 3d software do

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Thank You for this great tip !

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Yeah, same thing. The beginning and end is the same spot.

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Correct :slightly_smiling_face:

“do Espen trick to cross fade”