simplest module for single -> multiple gates?

I’m looking for a module to turn a single gate into 2 gates… something simpler than a burst generator, anyone any ideas?

If it is only 2 you need, you could use a delay. the input signal is your first gate, the delayed signal is your second. You can adjust the delay time to your taste -how quick or slow the second gate follows.

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VCV Gates can generate a trigger at the rise and/or fall edge of a gate. So practically it creates two triggers from a single gate.

Is it close to what you need?

If you want to freely modify position (delay) and length (duration) of up to 12 additional gates, you could try Elsker by NYSTHI.

You would feed each output as a trigger to create the next instance of the gate and set delay and duration values for each.

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The simplest is to combine the gate with a Signal Delayed version, probably. Should you want to duplicate a Gate, within a rhythm, Bogaudio’s RGate is maybe the most convenient. And on some occasions of needing an extra gate, I’ve found good use for Submarine’s Pulse Generator

If the gate is steady you can use RGate from Bogaudio


If the gate is irregular, you can use a delay on it and then combine the original and delayed gates.

I use Rgate a lot, but Ratchet from Nysthi may be the best at doing something simple.


Wow thanks for all the great suggestions, I’ll give them a whirl and figure out which one works best in my senario :smiley:

Would a Multiple do it? One input > many out. There are many modules that do this, single or pairs of input/output.

You can create switchable destinations like this;