Simple VCA with GAIN & CV control?

Sorry, i didn’t found a VCA module (like this one shown below) with this essential two functions in the VCV library, any recommendations?

What’s wrong with the fundamental VCA-2

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It doesn’t work like a VCA with Gain & CV option…

Have you tried clicking and draging on the green bars?

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Fundamental VCA-2: If no cable plugged into the EXP/LIN ports, the Level knob works like a Gain knob. If a cable plugged into the EXP/LIN ports, the function changed and the Level controls the CV modulation only.

Same behaviour with the Fundamental single VCA.

Nozoid VCA?

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Generally it’s possible to do a workaround, combining VCA + MIXER. But it would be more elegant to use a single VCA.

I will test it, thank you.

It is quite possible to find at least one VCA that functions as you like

Searching by tag will also yield good results:

Yes, I know the search function.

But anyway, I didn’t found the right VCA I was looking for. Otherwise I wouldn’t ask here either. :slight_smile:

The Nozoid VCA looks promising, but the Plugin tells me, it can only run at 96kHz. 96kHz are dialed in, Engine and Audio Interface, but it still not working. Mhm…

NYSTHI Function Generators work like this.

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It should still work if that message shows, at whatever sample rate. The message disappears after a few seconds.

Unfortunately the message text doesn’t disappear. Strange…

Roughly what formula do you want? Something like output = input * (gain + CV * CV\ amount) for linear?

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I think yes!

But: To be clear, this task really requires two separate controls for Gain and CV amount. :slight_smile:

I also made a patch, to demonstrate how it should work…

lfo-mixer.vcv (3.9 KB)

Audible Instruments Quad CV-Polarizer (aka Mutable Instruments Blinds) has four such VCAs which are also bi-directional and combined into a flexible mixer. Southpole Bandana is a smaller version of it.

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