Simple step sequencer with patterns

I thought it was easy to find a step sequencer like seq3 with patterns but I don’t find anything simple and immediate; it would be enough for me to be able to set gate and cv for each step and to save patterns to be recalled. Anyone have any suggestions?

Maybe Foundry is what you looking for…

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Impromptu Foundry might be a bit complex (as opposed to simple and immediate). Phrase Seq 16 or 32 (also from Impromptu) are essentially very similar just simpler.

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Another option would be install Pack One from Stoermelder (beta for V2 on Github) and use 8Face or 8Facex2 which adds presets to any module - so it would allow you to have 8 or 16 patterns respectively for Seq3.

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EDIT: @steve beat me to it, but I posted the link :wink:

There are some great step sequencers that don’t save patches. That’s why you download the pre-release Stoermelder Pack 1 and use 8Face Mk2 to save module states in recallable presets.

Yes lol - we’ll call it a draw :slight_smile:

Aye… That’s true. Not the simplest, but it was the first module that came to my mind for some reason…

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In case you don’t know, you can save presets for any Rack module. However if you want to switch between patterns the other suggested sequencers are good.

How about bordL

It’s not “basic” as the Seq3 but it’s quite intuitive and fun, and it has also patterns.

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Thank you all, some interesting solutions, I missed Bordl, it seems perfect but I will try also other solutions