Simple midi to hobby servo pulse solution request

I’m attempting to combine my interests into one Robot Art / Music piece. I have been working on my Space Robots from Outer Space for a few months now. I plan to add simple servo based animation to the characters. Each robot has it’s own 4" speaker for it’s sound generation. I want to send unique audio to each one from VCV Rack. That should be easy, but I am looking for a simple midi to hobby servo controller, that doesn’t require coding an arduino from scratch… I would appreciate any helpful advice.


I don’t have experience with this.

Adafruit is helpful on discord and mail, if you get their board - I’d recommend going that route.

You can visit their discord and ask

But, you did say that you don’t want to program the microcontroller from scratch …

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And google found a couple of more or less ready to use commercial offerings.

I have some reading to do. :slight_smile: I might want to concentrate on controlling led lights before actual animation. Thanks for the reply.

Here’s my instagram page if anyone want’s to follow along with the build.