Simple Hack: Bernoulli Gate + GridSeq

Use a Bernoulli Gate to control the different axes of progression in a @jeremy Wentworth GridSeq can do something that sounds spooky good.

2022-05-20.vcv (2.5 KB)


Yes, it’s become challenging for me to make a patch/piece without using this module.

I assume you mean the Bernoulli gate, and yes it fits in so many places. It’s a good way to take something steady and repetitive and turn it into something that switches up in interesting ways.

It’s also a way to ‘thin’ the sequence so it takes up less space over time.

Another thing I use that ‘thins’ a sound is tremolo. It thins a sound in the amplitude domain.

And then there’s subtractive EQ as a thinner. It works in the frequency domain.


I’ve also recently used it to manipulate (fast) clocks and advance through sequences but Bernoulli Gate is simply my no.1 fader tool. Yep, Density > Volume :slight_smile:

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