Simple but fun use for delay with drums

Whenever I go back to using the core VCV modules, I discover new things.

The VCV Delay has a particularly smooth implementation of delay time modulation. It behaves like an analog BBD delay - change the delay time you change how fast it scans the delay buffer. Which gives it a pitch change as well.

Also since it’s drums, changing delay time changes the rhythm.

2024-02-21.vcv (4.6 KB)


that “analog delay” response of a ddl is just so great, I have no idea why ppl make delays that respond differently. Back in the dark ages when I made VST one of the few I made was a delay. Its only good things were are great response to changing the delay time, and it rolled off the highs a ton. Those are the things I like about my Memory Man pedal. Never much cared for the grungy clock noise and such.

I had a Ross rack mount digital delay that was great at that analog style pitch shift. But it died.

I haven’t turned on my EH in maybe 30 years…