Similar modules to the Moog Model 15 iPad app?


I would like to get a template set up that basically has all the components of the Model 15 app (which of course is modeled after the early Moog modulars). The goal here being having a limited template I can always come back to and I know has (most) of the necessary tools to make a nice patch.

Any publishers you would recommend? Any copycats in the VCV library? Thanks!

if you do a little searching you will find some stuff.

do you have any specific search terms? I’ve searched moog, moog modular, different model names, etc…Unless I should search for each individual module? like fixed filter bank

in the library, try using terms like “ladder " , " VCO”, “arpegiator” instead, moog is a brand , and there are not moog modules (…for now :wink: )

take a look of Slime child Audio, ,

Hello Cody, Mockba Modular as 'Maug Saw, Square etc for the oscillators, Vult has Lateralus ladder filter, there are loads of Moog style filters on there under ‘ladder’. There are templates/models on VCV Rack Patchstorage-Worker 13 has updated a Moog, there are Minimoog. You could use them as a starting point. All are free but Mockba also does commercial synths, in the style of …. All depends how big you want to make your patch, the MOOG system 3 had ten oscillators, so the VCV world is your lobster! There is a thread on here called ‘the Monkees and Moog’. Stay safe and well.

Moog Matriarch-rough start up | Patchstorage

Moog Matriarch tones by Adrian Bottomley | Free Listening on SoundCloud


The Lindenberg “Alma” filter is said by many to be very “Moogy”, with some interesting enhancements.


I was just looking at that monkees thread. How funny someone made a very similar thread right before i did haha. I think I might just copy some of those System III “presets” (so to speak)? Ten oscillators is crazy. How did they all get pitch CV? Did a pitch CV output go from a keyboard into a multiple and out into the moog oscillator CVs? I’m still a modular noob!

Is there a fixed filter bank similar to the Moogs in VCV?

Give me a day and I’ll see if I can come up with a patch. I like to try and emulate older synths (with varying degrees of success). Bogaudio does have a fixed filter module so I’ll use that. I don’t use any apple products, so I’ll go through the manual and see what I can figure out. BTW, are you using an external MIDI keyboard?

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I use an external MIDI keyboard sometimes, yes. The other day I sent MIDI data from my Octatrack to VCV Rack :^)

I saw that your also on the Micky Moog post. It looks like your patch is about 75% the same as mine. I’ll still build it out. I got stuck on which SEQ to use for it.

I haven’t made a patch yet, but the OP of that other thread is working on one.

Well, then you’ll have more choices!

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@GrayCatMusic maybe you two can work out some ideas, too. Kyle is working on the Monkees modular, @Worker_13 i’m not sure if you’re working on the model 15 or what. We’ll see! The more the merrier.

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I guess I’ll go with the 15.

Okay, try this out when you get a chance.


This is awesome, thanks! How do I quantize the sequencer so that it’s actually diatonic pitches instead of random, unquantized notes? I don’t see an input to quantize this sequencer?

Ah…yeah. I need to throw a quantizer in there. Give me about 15 minutes and I’ll update it.

yooo the fixed filter bank is SWEET holy crap. it completely changes the sound!

Here’s the update. There’s a third patch called Moog 15 SEQ QUANT. The quantizer is to the right of the SEQ and it’s connected. I have it set to a minor scale right now. You just need to cliclk/unclick the notes you want. I also threw in a glissando/portamento module, but it’s not connected.


this is something i’ve come across in modular before i don’t quite understand…

why is it that the adsr envelope you’ve set up doesn’t behave how i expect it to? for example, if i increase the attack, i get no sound at all. the release knob almost seems to act like a decay knob in a traditional sense?