Silly Sequencer Question

What does the acronym “ADDR” mean in the context of a sequencer? Several sequencers use it, but I have yet to see it defined – I guess it’s something that almost everyone knows, but I don’t!

ADDR = address. The sequencer allows externally changing the step/memory location/address, as opposed to a sequencer that will only internally decide the step order.


Thank you!

Count Modula, developer of that module, calls it “Voltage Addressed directional mode” according to the manual (recommended reading, the most recent version is available here)

An excerpt about this mode in the 8 StepSequencer:

In the Voltage Addressed directional mode, the value of the Addr knob is used to determine which step is active and this is sampled at the start of each clock pulse. If a cable is connected to the Address CV input, then the Addr knob becomes an attenuator. The addressing voltage is scaled such that 10 volts always equals the last step regardless of the sequence length. 1-Shot mode is not available for this mode.