Show off your fixed racks!

I’ve become super fond of making fixed racks with a certain number of HP and coming up with as many patches as possible, trying to get a more “eurorack-y” workflow out of VCV.

Anyone else do this? If so, post your virtual setups!

Here is one from a while back.

Ooh, I like that!

Here is another from even further back.

Man, all those ancient skins take you way back. You forget how limited we were for selection back in the day.

Here’s one of mine- a beginner-minded “starter system” with a collection of easy-to-learn (but suprisingly deep) modules.

Voices: It has two voices picked to give different “perspectives” from different sides of modular- a digital multi-mode voice and an analog-style complex oscillator. There are traditional filters and amps, but also a low-pass gate for exploring the west coast idea of synthesis.

Drums: I also slipped in a Kickall and a Pico Drums to give your modular creations a rhythm backdrop.

Sequencers: I specifically chose sequencers that are easy to use, but can be used for more “explorative” polyrhythms and the like. DTroy is based on the Intellijel Metropolis which can go very, very deep. It’s been my go-to sequencer for forever and I still find new ways to use it.

Modulation: I opted for Rampage instead of “traditional” envelopes and LFOs to introduce the concept of function generators. I also included a Turing machine for looped random voltages and triggers.

FX: I included a wavefolder, a delay, and clouds (obviously) to hopefully create a good sonic pallete. There’s also a mixer with sends.