Shoebird's DFAM

Since I own a real Moog DFAM, I was curious if I could build something like that cool little machine in VCV Rack. Here’s my first try. Simple yet effective, I think. The first row in the 8-step sequencer is the pitch control for both OSCs. The second row is the velocity or volume control. The third row is the volume of the noise signal. Since it’s a patch emulating a moog, there’s a ladder filter at the end of the chain. WITH DRIVE of course. Go wild on the drive knob to make it sound like a DFAM patch I would like.


Just got one and a couple Mother 32s. Waiting on an ES-9, a couple expanders and a few more goodies. Cool to see an emulation built in Rack. I’ll likely wait 'til a bit after the hybrid system is in action before playing with it though. Getting my hands on physical stuff is the exciting new hotness Over here. :slight_smile: :grin:

Well…there are these (and many more) great videos by @Omri_Cohen

Let’s build the Moog DFAM in VCV Rack

Let’s build the Moog Mother-32 in VCV Rack

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