Shift masterclock back and forth?

Is there a possibility or a module to shift the masterclock back and forth similar to e-rm midiclock or multiclock? flame clockwork as a vcv module? Cheers

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So the Flame clock does all this below:

Flame Clock Generator Clock Modulator Shift clock / CV recorder The CLOCKWORK includes 3 tracks with clock divider, clock shift, gate control, CV-out or LFO-out, clock/gate-out, Midi controllers, 1 fix Midi note number, record …

So there are loads of Clock dividers in VCV Rack, I have used JW Striker with an LFO and got weird time shifts, try that? See what happens.


I’m not sure I understand the question perfectly, but I’ve had some luck using NYSTHI’s “JIRA JIRA ECHO” module to delay CVs and pulses. Send a clock signal to the “#1 input”, and any of the of the “tap out” jacks will have the delayed signal.

Set the Speed knob “#1” for some useful speed and then (if you wish) plug a varying CV into the CV “#34” to adjust the delay on the fly.

As near as I can make out, the longest delay (from tap #6, at minimum tangential velocity) is 6 seconds, and the minimum is 4 ms (tap @1, at maximum tangential velocity).

I’m planning to use it for a theatre sound effect - providing he clock signal to a sequencer, in order to sound like a wind-up music box that is mechanically messed up.

[a few minutes later…] :thinking: Hmmm… It seems to stutter when the CV (a slow LFO sine) just starts going down from the peak, giving extra pulses. Needs more study. :hammer_and_wrench: