Shift masterclock back and forth?

Is there a possibility or a module to shift the masterclock back and forth similar to e-rm midiclock or multiclock? flame clockwork as a vcv module? Cheers

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So the Flame clock does all this below:

Flame Clock Generator Clock Modulator Shift clock / CV recorder The CLOCKWORK includes 3 tracks with clock divider, clock shift, gate control, CV-out or LFO-out, clock/gate-out, Midi controllers, 1 fix Midi note number, record …

So there are loads of Clock dividers in VCV Rack, I have used JW Striker with an LFO and got weird time shifts, try that? See what happens.


I’m not sure I understand the question perfectly, but I’ve had some luck using NYSTHI’s “JIRA JIRA ECHO” module to delay CVs and pulses. Send a clock signal to the “#1 input”, and any of the of the “tap out” jacks will have the delayed signal.

Set the Speed knob “#1” for some useful speed and then (if you wish) plug a varying CV into the CV “#34” to adjust the delay on the fly.

As near as I can make out, the longest delay (from tap #6, at minimum tangential velocity) is 6 seconds, and the minimum is 4 ms (tap @1, at maximum tangential velocity).

I’m planning to use it for a theatre sound effect - providing he clock signal to a sequencer, in order to sound like a wind-up music box that is mechanically messed up.

[a few minutes later…] :thinking: Hmmm… It seems to stutter when the CV (a slow LFO sine) just starts going down from the peak, giving extra pulses. Needs more study. :hammer_and_wrench:


basically i want to rebuild the e-rm multiclock in vcv rack.

clock is shifted forward or backward by e.g. to adapt the external modular system to the daw, if the audio interface causes an offset. usually only in the ms area.

I’ve managed to do this with an lfo (as a clock) and a phase shift module. however, so far this is only going forward.

Not sure if this is what you are asking for:

zzc’s clock can be synced from an external pulse and by using zzc’s FN-3 with a square with a diminished PW you can shift a pulse forward or backward in time relative to the main clock.