Sharing Presets?

Why not?
Here there are two Valley Plateau I use the most:

  1. Double Verb: it is a nice double effect, fast and clean
  2. Sci-Fi Verb: it is very… Well… Sci-Fi ish! Sounds a little bit an old fashoned computer!
  3. Wobbly Verb: I think it’s just kinda funny! Why split families? :grin: (648 Bytes) (649 Bytes) (640 Bytes)

Apart that, I think that sharing the presets of the modules can be as interesting as sharing the patches as well, what do you think, Rackheadz? :wink:


Good idea Andrea.

Here’s one from me - using the Audible Instruments:Texture Synthesizer (aka. Clouds) as pure reverb, doing nothing else. Its reverb actually sounds really nice. This mode requires a steady positive voltage into the Trig input. So 5 or 10 V. The preset is set to 100% Wet, as I use it with send/receive from the mixer. If you want to use it inline instead, you should right-click, select the Wet/Dry setting and dial back the Blend knob.

Texture Synthesizer # Pure reverb.vcvm