Sharing custom VCV Rack app icon for macOS

Hi! I’ve been using VCV Rack on my Mac for a bit and thought the app icon could use a lil refresh to the newer style on macOS so it looks more at home. I made one and replaced it on my computer. Wanted to share it here in case anyone else wants it too.

How it looks:

Link to icon: vcvrackicon.png

Btw here’s how to replace the icon: Go to your Applications folder and find VCV Rack. Right click on it and select Get Info. Drag the new icon onto the current icon shown at the top left of the Get Info window. That’s it!

(I hope this isn’t an issue with copyright or anything. I’ll gladly take it down if it is. Also would be happy to provide the icon to VCV Rack if interested.)


You should have emailed first to clarify if this would be acceptable use. Same for using anything else that is someone else’s work: ask first. I recommend you do so, even if after the fact.

You’re right, I should have done that first. I just sent an email.

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