Sharing a module with a friend for testing

Hi Guys, I have created a VCVRack module and it is working well for me. I would like to share it with a friend so that he can try and test it out and provide feedback. What’s the easiest way to do this? Is it as simple as zipping up the plugin folder and unzipping it? I have used linux to develop my module, but he runs a Mac. Would he need the SDK version of VCVRack?

Thanks, Justin

You would need to produce a Mac build, rather than the Linux one you have. (Other threads here on doing that).

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Thanks, just to be clear, do you mean I need to make a mac build of my plugin(with module) on my Linux machine, or do you mean my friend needs to build VCVRack from source on his Mac? Thanks again for replying.

the plugin needs to be build for the OS where it will be running, not VCV from source

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I know of two methods.

You can use github workflow as described here:

You need to setup a GitHub account and push your source code to your remote repository. Then add the GitHub workflow file made by @qno to the repository. Now each time you push changes to your remote repository, if all goes well, the linux, mac, windows and arm builds can be found in the artifacts section of the actions tab on GitHub.

Another method is setting up your system so that it can build linux, windows, mac and arm locally by following the instructions on the rack-plugin-toolchain page:

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Thanks for your info and links - I will get to work!