Share your small (and large) patching idea breakthroughs.

Ive been having a lot of fun with using Bogaudio llfo on square as a quick modular clock source. Combined with Bogaudio RGate as a clock multiplier and clock divider, i find that for the first time in my nearly 6 years with vcv i dont need to have the clocked module in every patch. I know the idea isnt crazy but it pushes me to more often do fun things like modulate speed of whole patch, play the tempo.

What is a mental shift you have had that changed your understanding of how to patch, shifted the way you patch, etc???


Using the samplers in the rack to capture and create new materials. My faves are the various Sickozcell, VoxGlitch Autobreak Studio and GrooveBox, and Panther Cap.


I use two ShapeMaster Pros, one runs cv sequences for notes, the other for envelope gates, really easy way to get complexity by switching different gate patterns / speeds with different note sequences.

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@cubistguitar +1 for sampling! Modular is great for pure sound design, and I spend a lot of time exporting bits of audio, editing/looping and then loading into Pigments.

For me though, I’d say the biggest thing is using polyphony more. Polyphonic modulation, and polyphonic effects are a gamechanger, and also using tools like the split/merge modules, and Bogaudio’s Polycon/Polymult/Assign etc. That’s enabled me to start making sounds I find really interesting, without creating huge patches with multiple copies of the same module.