Share your "most used" modules

There are a few modules that I pretty much always use. I would be interested to see anyone else’s “Most used” modules in the Rack module browser.

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Probably quite predictable;

Not at all. Seeing your most used modules I realized that I have three monitoring modules (Scope, Oscilloscope and LA-108) in my top 10 instead of something that makes noise. Strange.

Now thinking about it I’m also surprised that my top 10 excluded Clocked and Squinky Labs Form although they’re part of my general startup template.

Fundamental ADSR is a nice choice but actually I thought that everyone uses Vult Slap more. But seeing FM-OP as your most oscillator is predictable, indeed. :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway @ScreenSlave !

Top two rows in V2 right now:

V1, where the “curation” process has been much longer:

(Plus modules in my template, most notably MindmeldMixer, Impromptu’s Clocked and Plateau)

“Most used” counts the number of times you add a module from the browser. Modules that are in your startup template are already in your patch without being added from the browser, so they may well not show up in your most used.

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What is number #2 in the V2 list? Between Scope and Chronoblob2?

Thanks, @purf! I find also this one interesting. First of all because of the blank panels. :slight_smile: But I also noticed a few small HP Bogaudio modules that I also like. And I see the DADSR modules I usually ignore. I may need to spend some time with them again… Do you use them with Bogaudio VCAMP or you directly feed them into your mixer?

I’ve been using the dBiz collection quite a bit since the new release, this one however, the Envelope Generator actually made the list through its bug* which makes the Cycle selector oftentimes unselectable. So I’ve picked but not used it a lot :wink:

Bogaudio’s EnvelopeGen is probably overkill in many of my uses of it where a simple AD would suffice, but eh. Yes, pretty much always paired with the VCA.

*) just got an update, so this seems moot now

dBiz Contorno looks promising for some of my projects. What does the input at the bottom?

So you can use it as a slew limiter (or ~grind an audio signal).