ShapeMaster Question - End of cycle without reset

Hello, @steve or anyone that might have a solution.

I am trying to use ShapeMaster Pro to create some long modulations over time in order to give some structure to my VCV sets. The problem is that when the playhead reaches the end of the grid the CV values return to the start.

I am including a very basic patch using the free version to help illustrate. Basically I would like to trigger the ShapeMaster 1 time and have it slowly ramp up the cutoff on the Surge Filter. When the ramp is finished I would like the cutoff to stay high but what happens is that it resets.

I’ve played around with triggers routing cv mutes and stuff but I am thinking there must be a much simpler solution that I am missing.

PS. Thank you Mindmeld for making all your great modules, they are invaluable additions to VCV.

Mindmeld_OneShot.vcv (2.5 KB)

Use a gate instead of a trigger, set trigger mode to gate control, click the right arrow at the bottom left of the display (third button in) to enable sustain, move the sustain vertical bar to the far right, while the gate is high it will stop at the sustain bar.

Also decouple first / last nodes, right click on channel light.

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Thank you for the fast reply & solution! I didn’t even know about the decoupling feature & I must have ran through the manual 10 times since purchasing ShapeMaster so thanks for pointing out that sub menu. I would think that decoupled the playhead would not reset but it still does, can you elaborate what it is used for as it seems to reset even if decoupled and the last node moved up?

Regarding the solution can you think of other options for creating the sustained gate, I saw that you used AS Triggers MKI & that works perfectly for my purposes but I am just curious as to what other options there might be. I know an lfo / vco would just reset as the waves pulse but are there any native VCV or basic modules or systems that you can think of that would have the same effect? Sorry if this is too much too, I really appreciate the answer and it helped me out a lot so I don’t want to seem ungrateful.

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My master clock of choice is ZZC, you can toggle the run output between trigger & gate, so you could use that to gate shapemaster & run the rest of your patch.

You could run it with a gate sequencer if you want it to repeat every now & then, endless possibilities with modular.

Awesome thank you!

The gate sequencer idea is great. I’m still wrapping my head around a lot of the concepts, some come easy and some I totally space out on.

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Decoupling the playhead is really useful in CV playhead mode and also ping pong mode - it prevents glitches in the signal whenever the playhead is moving back and forth.


Steve, thank you for explaining, that makes total sense.

As I have your ear I would like to suggest adding in a 1 shot mode for a future update, although the gate / sustain solution posted by Ewen works perfectly ( I actually just implemented it via the VCV push module with hold activated) I think it would be great to have the ability to just trigger an envelop and have it play through and stop at the end of the grid. Just a thought.

Thank you for developing all the MindMeld modules too, they really are indispensable and the pro versions are a total bargin.

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We did look at this a while back iirc and although it sounds like simple enough thing to implement, it’s actually not. I don’t remember why exactly (Marc may be able to offer a better explanation) but it was something to do with how ShapeMaster works internally.

It might be because as far as SM is concerned, the end is actually the start… so to stop at the end of the shape, you’d actually have to stop slightly before the end of the cycle - I might be wrong but I think it was something like that anyway - it’s quite a while since we made it :slight_smile:

However there is an alternate way of using the sustain which enables you do what you want using a trigger instead of a gate with SM Pro - but you need to add the expanders, SM-CV and SM-Triggers.

Take the EOS output from SM-triggers and use it to trigger freeze - this will freeze the playhead at the sustain marker:

Thanks for your kind words about our modules :slight_smile:


Thank you for the additional method, it really helps my overall understanding of modular to see all the different possible solutions to a problem.

Also regarding my suggestion your answer makes total sense, thank you for taking the time to explain, it’s cool to get dev insight.


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