shapemaster pro recording cv

Hi , i would like to record the midi from bitwig into shapemaster as cv. is this possible?

unfortunately not

ok but is there an alternative? i mean that should work

not that I know of, but perhaps one of the Entrian modules might do it, but I’m not sure

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Nysthi simpliciter should work, but you need to convert the midi to cv first. You can do this with the VCV modules “Midi-CV” or “Midi CC-CV”.

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the simpliciter MULTI (channel)
let you record til 16 CV track simultaneously
just set the RECORD in CV mode

CV mode will record a standard MultitrackWave file at 100Hz (100…)


why don’t you read my manuals !? :smiley:

it’s not bitwig but it should work!

just convert the MIDI to CV with the basic MIDI-CV module and record it as a WAV file (I attenuate the signal a little bit)

just be sure to NOT play on the speakers/headphones that file!

the difference in using the simpliciter is that if in CV record mode, records at 100hz

with a standard AUDIO recorder 10 minutes * 60 secs * 2 tracks at 48khz 32 bit is going to cost 230 Mb

with simpliciter CV record mode 10 * 60 * 2 * 100 * 4 (32 bit) → 480k


As an alternative, if you want to record the MIDI into a sequencer, the Entrian ones can do it

another alternative is to record into csv file using Logan20 (and the player 02nagoL)

Imagine, you record in csv, open it in google spreadsheet, apply your formulas an xform

and BOOM you have another composition :slight_smile:

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