ShapeMaster - EOC and shape presets

Hi I like use (as everyone I guess) the awesome shapeMaster(pro) But I would like to know if there is a way to choose what preset must be use when using EOC and next Shape functionnality. For now each preset corresponding to a song is in a folder and before opening the vcv file I take out the corresponding presets to put them on the first level of the UserShapes folder. I can live with that (but if there is a better solution I’ll take it). But the real problem is that I would like to use two or more shapeMasters each with their own presets simultaneously, and I really don’t know how to do that. I’ve looked at the docs, shapeMaster threads, and tutorials by Jakub Ciupinski and omri cohen, but they don’t mention a method.

How do you manage that ? iupinski and omri cohen, but they don’t mention a method.

How do you manage that ?

The trick is to name your presets such that they are consecutive. For example,

  • shape1.smsh
  • shape2.smsh

Since the prev/next buttons and CV inputs will just cycle the shapes in order like this, in the folder they are in. So I think with some clever file naming and subdirectory structure in your user presets, you might be able to get the behavior you want. (You can create subdirectories in the user preset in case you didn’t know, and the ShapeMaster menu will support this)


Ok Just Got it ! Sometimes we didn’t see obvious things. Thank you for putting me back on the right track. You give me the Clue

Thank you so much for your support Have a nice week-end.

On my side I’m now sure to have it !


Excellent, glad it worked out. Cheers!