Shaker, a new module to shake your rack

Shake your Rack. This new module can modulate the cable tension, opacity, the zoom factor and the scroll position of your rack. Example with an earlier version:


Now available in the library. Install the Frank Buss plugin 1.1.0, and then you can instantiate the Shaker module.


Ok, I‘ve messing around with the API too, but this is just crazy! :rofl:


I think I’m going to vomit! Clever stuff Frank :slight_smile:


Lol! What a perfect soundtrack. And here I thought that module was only for test patterns.


Well, this is something us streamers have been requesting for a while. Just to clarify: how do you stop the thing zooming about when you want to alter stuff?

At the moment there is no way to stop it, except with Engine->Sample rate->Pause. I thought about adding a toggle button to disable it, but you couldn’t hit the button while it is zooming, and when you first pause the engine, then you don’t need the button anymore. A keyboard shortcut might be useful, but I don’t think I can register a global keyboard shortcut, it is only delivered to the module which has the focus.

Maybe @Vortico could add a global keyboard shortcut for the pause command in VCV Rack, if not already implemented. This would be useful regardless of this module as well.

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Obviously you could quit rack and modify the autosave. Maybe it would be sensible to limit how far the zoom and position move so that your module is always onscreen
Or just develop superior hand/eye coordination.
Another thing: can the view be rotated?

I think I found a better method: if a cable is connected to the zoom input, then it stops the zooming, if the user zooms manually. For this I added a new button with which it can be turned on and off manually as well:

And if the user pauses the engine, it will be turned off as well. But if there is no cable connected to the zoom input and e.g. only to the X-pos input, manually zooming will not stop it, because then the user can zoom it while it is shaking. I also fixed the problem that you can’t move it, if the x or y position is modulated, now both works. I think this is now good for a first release.

I don’t know if the view can be rotated. I think everything is drawn with OpenGL, but I don’t know, if it is possible to override the default drawing behavior.

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MIDI mapping can be a workaround for this problem probably :slight_smile: Can we map signals from keyboard? I think we can.

Yes, this would be possible. I just connected the new on/off button with “MIDI-MAP” and it works. Now I can turn on and off the shaking with a MIDI knob :upside_down_face:

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Perfect tool ! Thanks a lot

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