Several libraries on the same machine possible?

For sharing presets and teaching others it would be nice if we could set up two libraries (or use two accounts on the same machine with one set of libraries each). So one can have a “public” library with freely available modules where one can be sure that any module one picks from the library is really available to everybody. And a private library with a mix of bought and free modules for own stuff.

Just installed VCV Rack Free for this purpose, hoping that I could register a second account with that. But it seems to reuse the account (and thus the library) of VCV Rack Studio.

Has anybody in a similar situation found a good solution for that?

Not a solution to your exact problem, but for teaching I only use the built-in VCV Fundamental modules. In this case I think even telling people to register an account is adding friction, and the built-in stuff is already very good for teaching.

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Good point! There are some imho very helpful modules like MIDI monitor that helps to understand which MIDI events are actually coming in. Sure, could show that just on my machine… Also liking the Surge modules - so one can first start with Surge XT as a pre-wired synth and then let people go crazy with the already familiar modules in VCV.

But right, for these selected modules I already know that they are open source, so I can also use my “private” library.

Not so easy e.g. for Vurt modules - no idea really which ones are in the paid bundle only. But sure, even though these sound great they are not a must for the start.

Not quite the same but you can use the favourites feature to essentially create a sub-library within your main library.

Open the module browser, Command/CTRL click on the modules you want to be in your favourites list (they will outline in yellow) then once done, check the “Favourites” checkbox at the top of the module browser and only the ones you marked as a favourite will show in the list.

The Favourite checkbox setting persists across opening and closing the browser multiple times so you only need to check it once (until such times as you want to go back and view all the modules in your library when you just uncheck it).

In V1.6, the favourites feature was part of Stoermelder’s MB (ModuleBrowser) module, which added lots of additional functionality to the default Rack browser. Favourites lists were stored as a separate json file so they could be shared. Much of the functionality offered by the MB module came built into the browser in V2 so it no longer exists as a module, but as far as I know, the ability to easily share favourites lists did not make it into V2. Favourites are now stored as part of the general Rack setting file rather than kept in a separate file, so sharing them is not straightforward.

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You can specify different user data folders using command line parameters:


Perfect, thanks alot, this is exactly what I was looking for!

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