Setup a MK3 Maschine controller in VCV rack


Can somebody push me in a good direction for how to setup a MK3 Maschine controller in VCV rack? A preset template to start would also be very nice also :slight_smile:

I want to try/learn to use it like Synthikat

Many thanks to you all ! Cheers, Kris.

Maybe contact him.

Looking at the video, he is using the MK3 in midi mode (shift+Maschine button) and using the VCV Fundamental modules to pipe the midi into different modules. A key module he is using is ‘MIDI MAP’ to map controllers within Rack. The section on midi input modules in the manual should give you everything you need.

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Hi agentf64, thanks for the info but i was already so far! I guess i have to dig more in depth to make the controller do what i expect. I just want to manipulate VCV with the controller but not in “controller mode”. So the question is still do i start in MK3 and VST host VCV or start in VCV and VST host MK3. I can start by testing all the midi modes from the manual and see where I’m landing :slight_smile:

That’s to easy :slight_smile:

This is not what Synthikat is doing :thinking:

Maybe get some inspiration here:

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Personally, I would use Maschine as a MIDI sequencer beside VCV, maybe on a different computer.

i tried already VCV Rack & Maschine Video 1 and video 2, interesting stuff, i comment today on the first video that it was not mentioned that he started in Maschine 2 with a VCV VST, i was figuring out how he got the 16 channels for the audio in VCV rack, looking with voicemeeter how to make 16 virtual channels etc…so i just watched the video to the end and then it was clear :slight_smile:

yeah, i guess so it would save a lot of time. Or i will use the faderfox UC4 as a semi controller. I just want to use one device with VCV. A controller in front of me to do the things on one PC and one Ultrawide monitor.

The general question is:

Do you want to use VCV primarily or do you want to use other sound sources and FX as well?

If you want to focus on VCV and do everything within it, why not use Faderfox and Maschine as MIDI controllers side by side?

If you want to use Maschine as a sound and FX source, then use VCV as a VST inside Maschine.

One of the nice things with the Mk3 is that you can use it both as a controller for VCV as well as Maschine vst as well. You can, for example, trigger channels in Maschine with the midi in or you could send midi through to VCV from the vst using the midi out. maschine

It’s tricky though. Fun to mess with , but I find the Maschine software’s midi implementation to be extremely frustrating. I messed with it a while back and in the end, I just keep anything made in Maschine in Maschine and send the audio to Rack. I will use the MK3 as a controller for Rack though.


I don’t know if it can help but 2-3 days ago, a youtuber made a video to setup Maschine within Studio one to receive/send midi and sound + transport button.

The video is in french but it may provides you with some useful information.

Sifasil channel

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Tough questions, let me put it this way. My first intension was to build a custom controller with an Arduino because i like to tweak and turn knobs. Bought buttons, cables etc… but it was to complicated and to much time consuming to create (was not aware of VCV at that moment and want to use it with Ableton Live). VCV gives that space to be creative, so like with real CV modules (never had, but a video of deadmou5 fascinated me a lot) i like to have hands on, i want to create lanes in VCV to assemble and mix later as a track in AL. AL is a great DAW, but i don’t can find my turn to be creative. So the best answer would be: “If you want to focus on VCV and do everything within it, why not use Faderfox and Maschine as MIDI controllers side by side?” I guess i have to spit this more out

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Great tip! thank you ! Seems that MK3 is best just for a controller, but i like some nice things like the arp and note repeat and much more.

Thank you! I def check this out ! I am from Belgium, i understand French (most of it :slight_smile: )

I watched the video, nothing really new, except a few sparkles came up at the end when he talks about the Mackie control. But of course VCV has to know the scripting language.

dommage, good luck for your setup :slight_smile:

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Merci :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’ll find this useful, as it’s not what you were asking for; but your post got me curious to revisit Maschine and VCV. Here is an example of VCV controlling a Maschine Kit (rather than the MK3 controlling Rack).

and a link to a selection to import into your files

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