Setting a custom folder for modules

(Patrick Robert) #1

Apologies if this might have been brought up before but I simply would like have a custom folder for modules.Or is it possible to just edit a config file somewhere?

Thank you

(Andrew Belt) #2

You can launch Rack with command line arguments from the terminal.
There isn’t really a better way to do this in a cross platform way because it would need to know the path to the config file in order to know the path to the folder containing the config file…

(Patrick Robert) #3

Thanks will do. Seems good enough. I only asked cuz while most of the modules get ported to v1.0, I wanna be able to use the older version without having to rename the dir containing the modules.

(Evan) #4

The optional config file can be in the same directory as the executable.

(Andrew Belt) #5

On Mac, would that be /Applications? On Linux, you can’t get the location of a binary but the cwd. Only on Windows would that work.

(Evan) #6

Pass the location of the config file as a command line parameter.

(Richie Hindle) #7

readlink("/proc/self/exe", ...) will get you the path to the current executable on Linux.

(Andrew Belt) #8

Kinda nasty but works, however I doubt Linux users need this feature.

(David Rodriguez) #9

just maybe to keep two or more versions of the plugins perhaps…

(Andrew Belt) #10

I mean that most Linux users would know how to launch Rack with a command-line flag.

(Patrick Robert) #11

Anyway thanks for all suggestions. I’m both on mac and win.