Sergio' Sketchbook

Hi all, I’d like to start creating some videos as I learn more about creating interesting ambient patches in VCV Rack.

This is a Spooky Halloween Patch that uses ideas from Lunetta synths to switch between data lines. The synth is creating it’s own keyboard solo as it goes along! :smiley:

Please enjoy, and feel free to give me some feedback on how I can do things a bit more efficiently.


HI & Welcome!

  1. you can use one Reverb (or any effect of course) for all tracks. And set the amount for each track. See image below
  2. How you’re using the EQ is :thinking: You’ll want to do this (see below), so you can eq each track seperately.
  3. It’s a good idea to not use seperators in between Mindmeld modules that work together. They may need to touch in order to work as intended. Mixer & Auxspander surely do.

Thanks for the welcome Purf.

Oh that’s how you use the EQ! Great, I’ll try it now, thanks for the tips.

Just for clarification, when you’re having more than the first 8 tracks, you’ll want to connect 9-16 as well :wink:

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Hi & welcome, very nice patch, I like the drone Have fun

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Bienvenue :slightly_smiling_face: