sequensers in the vst host mudule , how it work? (linux vsts)

hello everyone!

After the last launch of the host module, I have been curious about the sequencers in vst format, also because I have been experimenting a lot with Carla and lately with Element on Linux.

I was trying to get phrasebox to work on the host with relative success, but a vital setup is evading me, like syncing the sequencer to some clock in the rack?

what is the correct configuration for a sequencer on the host?

Do you know any other sequencer in vst format for Linux?

There’s Redux and Stochas, that’s all I can think of though.

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Greeks have a word for it, Omri has a video for it…


Great, yes, I complete forgot omri, thanks so much!

@TroubledMind yes I used a lot redux, it is more like a instrument whit sequencer than a sequencer itself, I will try stochas, thanks!

redux unfortunately has no midi out, stochas +1

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Oh I didn’t realise that, I’m quite surprised.