Sequencing Twelve-key

Hello. I’m new to modular synthesis, so I may be asking dumb questions, but… I wanted to sequence the notes of Twelve-Key, so I used the SEQ-3 and put its CV out (row 1) into the CV input of Twelve-key. the CV out of Twelve-key is connected to an oscillator, which sounds but does not sequence the notes. The pitch voltages of the sequencer (8step) are within 0V to 1V respectively. Where is the problem? Or is there an easier way to change the pitch? Please forgive my stupid question and my poor English.


There’s nothing wrong with your English or your question.

I think you also need to connect a gate or trigger signal to the gate input on the Twelve-Key like this:

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I would try a quantizer module instead of the twelve key, and maybe the Orange Line “fence” module if you want to limit the range of the quantizer input.

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Thank you very much. Just tried that the other day and it worked. It’s interesting about modular synthesizers that there are so many possible ways to achieve a certain goal.

Thank you very much. I see, so I need to use gates and triggers. I need to learn more about the basics in this area.