Sequencing 1 sequencer with 3

Hey guys, I’m new to the modular world and just came up with a sequencer idea that I decided to try to at least partially implement in VCV rack because I don’t know of anything that does this in module. I think it came out pretty well so I thought I might share it as its one of the first patches I’ve made that I think sounds at least the slight bit like music.

The entire sequencer consists of 3 main parts as well as a bunch of logic modules:

  • 3 4-step sequencers (bogaudio addr-seqs)

  • 1 main 8-step sequencer (VCV seq 3)

  • 8 toggle switches one for each step of the main sequencer (bogaudio switch)

the way it works is: for each step, when the toggle switch for that step is off, the sequencer just outputs the pitch of the knob on the main sequencer. however if the toggle switch is on, the knob on the main sequencer is used to select one the 4-step sequencers and outputs that pitch. what makes it interesting is the step of the 4-step sequencers is only increased after it played, this can lead to some very interesting and longer patterns than you’d get out of an 8-step sequencer.

Here’s a screenshot of the sequencer (all the sequencing controls are just in the first row):

Here’s the rest of the patch, just one voice with delay and some drums (sounds great in stereo):

Finally, here’s a link to the patch: 3 to 1 sequencer.vcv - Google Drive (read the notes in the sequencer when starting the patch)

and a short recording of it I did: 3 to 1 recording.wav - Google Drive

Feel free to mess with the sequencer controls and make your own patches with it. It is pretty cpu intensive (maxes out at ~50%) so one voice and drums was all I did with it. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.


Great idea and a fascinating approach.