Sequencers with Polyphonic Clock Input

Recently discovered Seq22 by docb - GitHub - docb/dbRackSequencer which has a Polyphonic Clock Input, so it’s able to generate multiple sequences with different speeds at once.

What other sequencers have this feature?

These do:

And here’s a polyrhythm clock with embeddable rhythms: VCV Library - Sha#Bang! Modules Polyrhythm Clock

Cool, I’ll have to try these with polyphonic clock inputs. I have used both with individual inputs.

Update: @jeremysmuller So Stoch Seq4 is great, but doesn’t exactly do what Seq22 does. While each seq can have its individual clock inputs for polyrhythms. Seq22 takes a merged poly clock input and then generates multiple sequences (based on its clock inputs) using its Poly CV/Gate outputs.

Polygene requires polyphonic clock in to get more than one Euclidean rhythm, and the polyrhythm output could be fun to use for those sequencers.


If you’d like to predefine your CV sequence, i.e. not stochastic, you can try Digital Sequencer XP by Voxglitch:


Don’t forget the beautiful ADDR sequencer


Oh I see what you’re wanting to do. I guess you could use a polyphonic clock into a VCV split module into the independent sequences for StochSeq4

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Cool, thanks for the suggestions, all.

@jeremysmuller Yeah, that would be cool for sure.

I like HorseADoodleDoo too! It can do this with poly clock or just set the poly with a poly knob up to 16 channels. Interesting gate modes, like EOC from one channel to advance another.

DocB has some interesting sequencers, C42 and TD4 are 16 channel if you like.

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Great thread. I use the Voxglitch one and ADDR quite a lot, but this begs the question what do you use for poly clock signals? I often use a couple of 8-way random gates merged into a poly cable. Or merge different clock divisions from a divider with multiple outputs (the Count Modula one is good for that). Any other ideas?

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Again HorseADoodleDoo is a box of trigger patterns and with EOC you can even advance its patterns with sample hold or a fixed sequencer like ADDR. You hover over pattern knob and it shows the current polyphonic stack of triggers. Never thought of using it as a clock for other sequencers but it would make a cool poly clock I think.

Yeah, with so many clock dividers out there, it’s easiest to just use a poly merge module like Merge or the ones from Grande, and others. It would be cool if this was more common for sequencers because it works esp when sequencing VSTs or polyphonic module like Surge, etc.

another sequencer with polyclock input (for four tracks) beside the ones from Impromptu:

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Oh yeah, I forgot about this one! Good call.