Sequencer with Variable Gate Length? (Version 1.x ok)

Possibly I’m misunderstanding, but I don’t see a variable gate length in the default VCV sequencer. Does anyone have a recommendation for a sequencer with such a feature, ideally that looks good and is simple to use? I like the clean design in Bog Audio modules, but I’m not seeing said feature there, either. Thanks.

Use another row to modulate an envelope.


Impromptu’s Foundry and Phrase-seq modules offer various gate lengths. Just make sure to run your clock at a high resolution for these to be available.

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I don’t know that an envelope is a direct replacement for a gate, but you could use your idea of an additional row to modulate something like the Bogaudio DGATE.


Will that work if I need a gate held over several steps?

Actually any sequencer can be used like that with Count Modula’s mighty Gate Modifier. :wink:


Yes, you can tie steps

Yes, by either choosing the full gate (on the F note) or the tied step option underneath


One of the easiest ways I found is to use the clock-expander for clocked and modulate the PW of for example the first output. If you then use a sequencer with clock-pass-through (menu option in the SEQ3) you can use one lane to modulate the gate length. No ties possible, but simple.

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Of course you can use a piano roll sequencer that lets you set note durations how you like.

Bidoo bordL or dTroY